There have been many men and women that have held prestigious positions in government. Some have served with honor and dignity, while others have by their actions disgraced the offices that they held. Some have remained humble and forthright, while others have abused the power their offices gave them. Some have upheld the rule of law and the U.S. Constitution, while others trampled upon them. And, some used their offices for their own self interests, while others remained faithful to the Oaths that were given to them. Eric Himpton Holder, Jr., you are an abomination to the Office of U.S. Attorney General.

Mr. Holder, you are an abomination to the rule of law, the Constitution and common decency. To call you an officer of the court as well as a lawman, is contemptible. You are nothing more than a political hack, a racial arsonist, a criminal as well as the epitome of cowardice.

  • You have been selective in applying the law in a fair and just manner.
  • You have used your office to further an ideological agenda.
  • You have shredded and blocked documents from being seen by the public and Congress.
  • You have attacked freedom of the press by wiretapping conversations between journalists and members of your administration.
  • You have threatened government workers if they talked to the press.
  • You have obstructed justice in investigations involving the administration you serve.

Mr. Eric Holder, you are a disgrace. The U.S. Congress was correct in my view to hold you in contempt. I just wished that they went further impeaching you from office and revoking your license to ever practice law again. You do not deserve to be an officer of the court, let alone Attorney General.

Mr. Holder, if you had any sense of honor, decency or humanity, you would come clean regarding the scandals engulfing your office and the administration you serve. You are not an honorable man, however. You are not a man of decency or humility. You have no sense or one once of humanity.

Everything you do is ideological. To you abusing the rule of law and the Constitution in the furtherance of a cause is just, for the ends justify the means. It does not matter if it is good and just for the American people and for American society, or if it is ethical. The furtherance of your ideology is all that matters.

Enjoy your time in office while you can, Mr. Holder. One day, you are going to lose it all. You and the man you serve under will not only go down as crooked and immoral men, but as failures, charlatans and dishonorable men. You will go down in history as a disgrace. I hope that day will come soon. Thank you for your time.