Government education bureaucracy has been turning our schools into a police state. This past year several New Jersey schools have implemented random drug testing of students, even in middle schools. Students and their lockers are searched without reasonable cause. Zero tolerance polices are being enforced across the state. Instead of handling minor infractions internally, the police are called and criminal charges are being filed.

A seven year old brought a Nerf style toy gun into the Hammonton Early Education Center in Atlantic County. This menacing youth is now charged with a misdemeanor criminal charge for brandishing an imitation firearm on school property.

If we draw very, very strict lines we have much less worry about someone bringing in something dangerous. - Dr. Dan Blachford, Hammonton School district Superintendent defending the criminal charges

Last year, a student found a non-functioning handgun in the woods. He brought it to the Von E. Mauger Middle School in Middlesex Borough the next day and informed the guidance counselor of his find. Instead of thanking the child for reporting this, he was charged with causing or risking widespread injury or damage.

Treating our children this way makes no sense. Criminal records limit the future of these children. They teach children not to trust adults to make sensible decisions. When government agents are allowed to disregard human rights in the name of safety it teaches our children that our values are meaningless.