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The Law and Public Safety Division is currently run by Christopher Porrino, Attorney General for the State of NJ. This department was reported to have 7,780 employees in 2008. 914 (11.7%) of them made more than $100,000. The 2010 budget estimates spending at $566 million in 2009 and $546 million in 2010. Their mission statement is described as:

The mission of the Department of Law and Public Safety is to protect the safety, security, and quality of life of the people of New Jersey through an integrated and coordinated structure of law enforcement and regulatory agencies. The Department represents the public’s rights and interests in all legal matters. With ten divisions, as well as independent commissions and boards, the department has wide-ranging responsibilities critical to the people of New Jersey. The Attorney General, as head of the department, serves as the state’s chief law enforcement officer and legal advisor, and is responsible for the management and administration of the department. The Attorney General oversees the criminal justice system, protects the safety of the public, and defends the state against lawsuits. The Department regulates the casino, boxing, alcoholic beverage and racing industries. The Department also protects consumers against fraud. While these responsibilities are varied, the Department is singularly united in protecting the safety and security of all those who live, work, and visit New Jersey.

The Division is broken down into twelve categories.

NJ State Police

In 2008 the NJ State Police employed 4,485 employees. The State Police functions include general police service, general highway and traffic enforcement, investigative and intelligence services, emergency management, support for local law enforcement, maintenance of criminal records, and regulation of "certain" commerce.

Division of Law

The Division of Law provides legal services to the state of NJ. Its 911 employees are divided into 8 practice groups which can be broken down into 31 sections. 581 of its employees are"Deputy Attorney Generals".

Alcoholic Beverages Control


Gaming Enforcement


Attorney General


Civil Rights


Central Office


Consumer Affairs


Criminal Justice


Violent Crimes Compensation


Highway Traffic Safety


Racing Commission