Libertarians are often portrayed as Republicans who want to legalize pot. This is a gross simplification. We also want to legalize prostitution. We understand that a person has the right to do what he wants with his body and to manage his own economic transactions. Legalized prostitution is a natural ramification of these rights. Currently, Nevada is the sole beacon of liberty when it comes to prostitution. Each Nevada county can decide on prostitution's legal status within that county. It is legal in 10 Nevada counties and illegal in the other 7 counties. On Tuesday, Democrat Senator Harry Reid said that Nevada should ban prostitution to stimulate its economy, proving that the Left's fetish for centralized economic planning extends all the way to our bedrooms. Reid's suggestion is an assault on our liberties, and the available data suggests that his premise is wrong.

Reid argued that legalized prostitution hinders the Nevadan economy by discouraging people from relocating to Nevada. The recent census data debunks his claim. Between 2000 and 2010, Nevada's population grew 35.1%. That growth is greater than the percent growth of any other state this past decade. If anything, the freedom loving attitude that legal prostitution exemplifies is attracting people to Nevada. Just compare Nevada's growth to New Jersey's anemic 4.5% growth in the past decade. Prostitution is illegal here, and we are falling so far behind the nation in population that we will soon go from having 13 representatives in the House to having 12 representatives. We should make New Jersey more like Nevada rather than making Nevada more like New Jersey. Let's legalize prostitution in New Jersey. While we are at it, let's inject the entire economy with more freedom by lifting regulars and prohibitions. Once we liberate the economy, the job market will grow, and more people will decide to work and live in New Jersey.