The NJ Libertarian Party has returned to the Warped Tour Concert. We were last there in 2009. Warped Tour is a touring concert series featuring over sixty bands.

At both the Camden and the Oceanport we set up booth up alongside the Campaign For Liberty and the Ron Paul for President tables. We worked together to steer attendees to each others' booths.

Again we administered the World's Smallest Political Quiz to those who visited our booth.



Of the 278 people who took the quiz:

  • the average personal liberty score was 76.1

  • the average economic liberty score was 72.9

  • 164 were fully in the Libertarian quadrant!

  • 42 were on the boundary of Libertarian and another quadrant (either liberal, centrist, or conservative)

  • 22 were Liberal (or on the boundary between centrist and liberal or statist and liberal)

  • 12 were conservative (or on the boundary between centrist and conservative or statist and conservative)

  • 35 were fully in the Centrist quadrant

  • 3 were statist (or on the boundary between statist and centrist)

In comparison to 2009, there was a shift towards liberty. The average personal liberty score increased by 2.7 and the average economic liberty score increased by 6.8. The percentage of those taking the quiz who ended up fully in the libertarian quadrant increased from 51% in 2009 to 59% in 2011.

Much thanks go out to Bill Sihr, Kevin Ferrizzi, Melissa, Eric Hafner, Mike Pannone, Rob Pepe, Dan Maiullo, and Joe Baratelli for their assistance.


Jeshua Marshall of the band, Larry and His Flask Takes the Quiz