A recent poll shows that the 83% of Americans support Obama's drone policy, 53% of liberal Democrats and 67% of moderate or conservative Democrats now support keeping Guantanamo Bay open.

Glenn Greenwald blogs about it here. Jim Bovard blogs about at Liberals Love Obama's "Liberty Drones".

During the Bush Regime the left would have been screaming and protesting while the right would have been silent. Now the roles are reversed. What is wrong with the public? Why do they continually choose party over principle? Instead of being principled, people treat politics like a sports event while cheering on their favorite team to victory.

The good news is that voters are quickly abandoning the Republican and Democrat Parties. According to the USA Today the Democrat Party is down 800,000 voters, the Republican Party is down 350,000 voters and independent voters are up by 325,000 voters.