Come to the NJ Libertarian Party Convention.

This is a great year for the cause of Liberty.

Ron Paul is reshaping political thought through his incredible Presidential run. I hope that he wins his Party's nomination. However, if he doesn't he has still made a a big contribution and the LP has a potentially great candidate in the wings with Gary Johnson.

In New Jersey, we have a very accomplished gentleman who wants to represent the NJLP as a candidate for Senate. I believe that he has the time, energy, talent, resume and resources to to make a high visibility run. He will speak and you can decide for yourselves. In addition to him we will other great speakers and we will present our other aspiring candidates.

The Board has worked to make this convention

  • Convenient - It is right in the middle of Jersey, less that a mile from Turnpike Exit 8. Also, plenty of free parking nearby.
  • Affordable - $35 - includes hot buffet lunch and continental breakfast. Students rate is $25
  • And fun - We are on the second floor of a pub.

As I said before, more Americans are awakening to the cause of liberty than ever before. And if Ron Paul wins the Republican nomination, that would be grand. Nonetheless, the Libertarian Party still stands as the few, the proud, the true keepers of the flame.

I want to see you in Hightstown on March 24, to kick off a great year for the NJLP. Register today!