The recent IRS scandal reminds us that the income tax was, is and will always be an immoral thing.  When it is progressive, it is even worse.

When you go to the grocery store, the movies, or anywhere else, no one asks how much money you make and then adjusts the price accordingly.  You pay whatever you believe that the fair price should be whatever your earning power.  Why should it be different when it comes to government services?

Let’s agree as reasonable people that, if government provides essential services, we, as its recipients, should pay for them.  Why then should those who are smarter, harder working or more productive pay more?  Many of America’s high earners achieved their success by astutely paying the most advantageous price for the goods and services that they acquire.  That is behavior that should be rewarded, not punished.

However, the progressive tax code adds another level of in inequity to this injustice.  The tax code empowers politicians and bureaucrats to capriciously decide who pays more and who pays less and who pays nothing at all based upon their personal judgment of what is good and desirable for society as a whole.

Thus we have a situation where IRS functionaries determine that those organizations that advocate for limited constitutional government are less deserving of favorable tax status than other, more government friendly entities.

It is high time that Americans abolish income taxes on the federal, state and municipal levels.  It is also high time that we disband America’s collection thugs, the IRS.  It is time that we tax the recipients of government services fairly and equitably for the services that they receive.