Steven J. Uccio and the New Jersey Libertarian Party invite you to give Heat for the Homeless!

In Lakewood, NJ there is a community of about 100 people who live in a wooded area called "Tent City." These people have no where else to go and are not asking for any assistance from the local government. They live in tents, shacks, and are supported by mostly private charity to better themselves.

While it's naive to say there is never trouble in Tent City, the city's response to them has often been over reactive and harassing. Lakewood has just passed a town ordinance banning the use of outdoor wood fires. On Wednesday morning, in 30 degree weather, the police came by and gave warnings never to use wood stoves again.

We need your help!

We're trying to collect money for propane tanks, heaters, and fuel. One thousand dollars will buy approximately 10 propane tanks, 10 heaters, and enough fuel to last one month.

Please help today by visiting our Heat for the Homeless page and giving what you can.