2015 New Jersey Libertarian Party Convention
Tavern on the Lake, Hightstown
Saturday, March 21, 2015

Tentative Meeting Agenda

Call to order & quorum check 9:00 AM

Agenda review & approval 9:05 AM

Secretary's Report 9:10 AM

Treasurer's report 9:15 AM

  • 2014 final and proposed 2015 budget presentation

Election of NJLP Officers and At-Large Reps 9:30 AM

Ongoing Business

Platform Committee Report 10:00 AM

New Brunswick Ballot Initiative 10:40 AM

NJ United for Marijuana Reform 10:50 AM

Review and Approval of NJLP Candidates 11:00 AM

New Business & County Committee Reports

Recess for County Caucuses 11:20 AM

County Caucus Reports 11:40 AM

Future Meetings 11:55 AM

Adjournment for lunch