2020 NJLP Convention
March 21, 2020
Virtual Meeting
Proposed Agenda

Note: We will be meeting using Zoom. Go to https://zoom.us/j/481492424 to join the meeting. Delegate credentialing will be performed by creating an account at https://convention.njlp.org/register. Voting will be performed online at this site.

09:00 Conference Begins, Credentials and Final Tech Issues to be handle

09:20 Call to order & quorum check [Chair]

09:25 Agenda review & approval [Chair]

09:30 Secretary's Report [Secretary]

Approval of prior meeting minutes

09:35 Treasurer's report [Treasurer]

Presentation of proposed 2020 budget

09:55 VPs Reports [Chair]

Membership -see https://njlp.org/members/statistics



10:10 Election of NJLP Officers [Secretary?]

Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, VPs Membership, Marketing, Programs

11:55 Nomination and selection of Delegates to National Convention (20)

12:05 Selection of Electoral College Delegates for Presidential Nominee (14)

10:45  Regional Caucuses [Regional Chairs]

Nomination, Review, and Approval of Regional Candidates, Election of Regional Officers (Chair, State Board Rep et al)

10:45 Central Region

11:00 South Region

11:15 North Region

11:35 Regional Caucus Reports [Regional Chairs]

11:45 Nomination of NJLP Candidates [Chair]

Local State candidates that cross Regional boundaries, any other candidates seeking our nomination

12:15 Candidate Petitioning and Ballot Access Support [Chair]

Coronavirus discussion

12:25 Future Meetings, Announcements, Recognitions [Chair]

12:35 Adjournment [Chair]