“Clean Elections” or Abbott-Style Funding for “Most Needy” Politicians?

by Steve Lonegan, Executive Director, AFP-NJ

Trenton’s politicians would have you believe the answer to New Jersey’s high taxes is another convoluted state program; taxpayer funded elections.  We have heard it over and over, ranging from phony promises that raising some broad-base tax would provide “property tax relief” to false claims about new departments “rooting out waste and corruption.”

Read the rest of the article here. Listen to Steve's taxpayer minute on the subject here .

The NJLP supports Steve Lonegan in his fight against so called "Clean Elections". Our platform specifically opposes taxpayer subsidies to politicians. Although, libertarians oppose any public financing of elections this proposal is horribly unjust - third parties can only get half of what the democrats and republicans can get despite having to meet the same qualifications.