NJLP Chairman Louis Jasikoff received a written apology today from Gerald Pomper of the Eagleton Institute. Pomper claims that he his "prone to extravagant language to promote discussion" and reasserts his preference to keep "dissidents" out of general elections. His advice to work through the primary elections does not explain his inclusion of Dr. Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich on his list, however.

Mr. Jasikoff,

I apologize for my comments. I am prone to extravagant language to promote discussion, but went too far in this instance. I meant no personal disrespect, and I fully support the rights of any citizen to engage in politics in any peaceful fashion. I do have an intellectual, as well as personal, preference for a two-party system, and think that dissidents would achieve more by trying to win in party primaries than in third parties. Choosing a course for political activity is, of course, your choice, and I do respect your dedication. I a[sic], truly sorry that I offended you, and will be more careful in the future.


Gerald M. Pomper
Board of Governors Professor of Political Science (Emeritus)
Rutgers University

At a forum held Monday night at Rutgers University, Pomper stated that "Ron Paul, Dennis Kucinich, and Libertarians are kooks" and have no place in the political process. Louis Jasikoff was present and objected to the comment. Later in the evening, Pomper repeated his remark. Jasikoff restated his objection via email, which prompted Pomper to apologize.