I have just spent the first full day at our new Atlantic City office at South Sovereign and Boardwalk, between the Hilton and Tropicana and must tell you all that I am very excited about the amount of traffic we have. Dozens of people stopped in to talk with us. Some of them were wondering what the Libertarian Party was, others already knew about us and were amazed to see us in public. More than a few of the stop-ins were from Party members from other states as well as college students from Rutgers, Temple, University of Maryland, University of Delaware, John Hopkins, and others. These party faithful were ecstatic to see us out and getting active. Dozens more people stopped to stare in wonder that we really existed as a political party! I can't count how many people walked by, looked at our beautiful sign, and continued on their way while discussing the Libertarian Party and the Bob Barr Presidential campaign.

We have collected signatures for the Barr/Root nomination petitions, contact information from everyone that stopped in, handed out a ton of literature, raised a little bit of cash, and converted a few lost political souls, all in our first day of operations. The Hilton Beach Bar is about 20 yards away, the fireworks displays from all the shore towns were visible from our booth (we were actually front row for the AC fireworks last night, our booth was surrounded by the crowd of people), and the Atlantic City Air Show is coming up, which brings in about 300,000 people every year. The show will be performed above the beach directly in front of our place.

I encourage any activist who is interested in participating in this great opportunity to come down and spend a day with me and Lou. It is a fun time, hanging out on the Boardwalk and talking to people. Anyone who is interested in interacting with people and trying to win over the citizenry one at a time can contact either Chairman Lou Jasikoff or me to set up a schedule.