A proposed student pledge at the BCC would require students to promise to give up their right to freedom of association and freedom of conscience.

As reported by The Bergen County Record:

"I promise to Bergen Community College that I will follow this code of responsibility.

1. Honesty, integrity and respect for all will guide my personal conduct.

2. I will embrace and celebrate differing perspectives intellectually.

3. I will build an inclusive community enriched by diversity.

4. I am willing to respect and assist those individuals who are less fortunate.

5. I promise my commitment to civic engagement and to serve the needs of the community to the best of my ability."

The President of BCC seeks to require all students at the college to sign this oath. Every student would be required to embrace all perspectives, even those that are morally or religiously repugnant to them. They would have to forego their freedom to choose those with whom they associate, rather than building communities of mutual interest and values.

In other words, in order to ensure the politically-correct vision of a "civil" society, students at BCC may need to leave their personal values at the door.