Our Warped Tour booths in Camden and Oceanport were a resounding success.

We exposed hundreds of youth to the party, while enjoying ourselves at the festivals.

We administered the World Smallest Political Quiz to 204 individuals. This quiz is used to educate and identify political ideologies. Everyone who took the quiz got a sticker posted at their location on a poster size version of the political map. The Quiz is an excellent outreach tool in that it allows us to educate voters on freedom and identify those who agree with us while respecting the beliefs of those who disagree with us.

The results were very encouraging and I believe represent a shift in our youth towards liberty. I also noticed our booth was more popular than the several left leaning booths that were at the festival.

Of the 204 people who took the quiz:

  • the average personal liberty score was 73.4

  • the average economic liberty score was 66.1

  • 104 were fully in the Libertarian quadrant!

  • 23 were on the boundary of Libertarian and another quadrant (either liberal, centrist, or conservative)

  • 32 were Liberal (or on the boundary between centrist and liberal or statist and liberal)

  • 3 were conservative (or on the boundary between centrist and conservative or statist and conservative)

  • 39 were fully in the Centrist quadrant

  • 3 were statist (or on the boundary between statist and centrist)

I thank all who helped and or donated and I look forward to our next outreach event.