There's an article in today's Star Ledger about a judge ruling that a marijuana-growing defendant cannot inform the jury that he has multiple sclerosis and grew the 17 plants for medicinal purposes.

It strikes me that this would be a good case for the LP to take interest in, as it deals both with re-legalization and jury nullification. In fact, the Judge mentioned nullification in his ruling--that allowing the medical defense to be raised "would create a powerful emotional argument in favor of jury nullification because it gives defendant a sympathetic reason for breaking the law."

FRANKLIN TOWNSHIP -- A Somerset County man won't be able to use multiple sclerosis as a defense for the 17 marijuana plants police found growing behind his house, a Superior Court judge ruled today.

A claim of personal use simply does not apply to the charges against Franklin Township resident John Ray Wilson, Judge Robert Reed said, following a hearing today in Somerville.

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