Recently Steve Lonegan has gone on a campaign demanding government intrusions into our personal lives. He is asking everyone to call their representatives and ask them to have government define marriage as between a man and a woman.

The New Jersey Libertarian Party Platform states:

Issue: Government’s usurpation of activities rightfully carried on by families weakens the growth and effectiveness of voluntary social institutions and replaces them by transferring responsibility to bureaucracies that do not efficiently or adequately accomplish their stated goals.

Principle: Individual choices and family decisions regarding sex, marriage, contraception, pregnancy, abortion, family life and child rearing are too important to be left to government. These responsibilities and decisions belong to individuals relying, to the extent that he or she wishes, on the aid of family, friends, community, and religious guidance. Libertarians recognize that virtue, values, traditions, and culture exist in society only as a result of free choices and voluntary interactions among individuals.

Solution: We call for an end to all forms of government intrusion into family life.

As a transitional policy we call for:

Until the state ceases defining and regulating the institution commonly known as marriage, we support the option of all couples, regardless of gender, to enter into marriage, with all the rights, privileges and responsibilities of heterosexual couples.

We demand that Steve Lonegan stop using government force to enforce his version of morality upon society.

The ever-increasing governmental control of our families and children must be put to an end. As state government has grown, we have seen an increasing number of government dictates regarding how citizens run their families. The right of each person to determine how they voluntarily interact is sacred, that is why we must reverse those dictates and allow individuals - not the government - to choose how they want to live their lives.