The problem with Haiti has always been the lack of freedom. Haitians need stronger property rights. Without the ability to acquire, own, and transfer property you have poverty. Property ownership allows individuals to build capital that can be used to create businesses and build long term wealth. This article was written back in 2004, things have not changed since then.

North America

A solution in Haiti: Try Freedom
By Garrett Glass
Mar 3, 2004

The troubles of Haiti are once again making front-page news all over the world. Every expert from Amnesty International to French Foreign Minister Dominique de Villepein has an opinion about what needs to be done to fix the problems. There are some fundamental issues, however, that often go ignored in all the demands for foreign military intervention and financial aid.

Property Rights

In Haiti's 200-year quest for freedom, one of the most crucial components of freedom, which leads to prosperity, has never been effectively implemented or even seriously tried (much less respected). The Haitian system of establishing property rights is so convoluted, complicated and corrupt that to the average citizen of Haiti owning any property will always remain just a dream. The connection between poverty and the lack of property rights is often overlooked.

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