After a contentious battle the Stillwater Township Committee has voted to disband their police force. The decision was based mostly on financial reasons. There were allegations of police harassment of those who supported disbanding the police on Free Talk Live this past week.

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STILLWATER — There were tears and quiet complaints from a defeated crowd of police supporters Thursday night, as a special meeting of the Stillwater Township Committee ended with a unanimous vote to disband the municipality’s local police force in favor of coverage by the New Jersey State Police.

“I want to thank all of you for coming out,” Stillwater Township Police Chief Anthony Kozlowski said to the crowd of around 100 people before the committee’s vote.

During the nearly four-hour meeting, many of the people in attendance spoke out in favor of a continued police presence in Stillwater, offering up personal stories of Stillwater police officers delivering babies, saving children’s lives, and responding to the scene of an accident in record time.

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