The big government tendencies of the Republican party has caused many conservatives to question what they really believe in. Many are finding the Libertarian Party as a viable alternative to their beliefs. Some are right, some are wrong. While some may be discovering the true values of liberty, others are bringing their big government social agendas and belief in a pro-interventionist foreign policy with them. is an attempt to bring the LP back to its original belief system.

Greetings, libertarian! We need your your help with a special project -- restoring the party of principle.

America needs a Libertarian Party worthy of pride and respect -- a party it can look to for the right answers to the big questions.

America needs a presidential candidate who talks about the non-aggression principle.

America needs a platform and national candidate to advocate no-compromise abolition; to explain that there are ways to fulfill the world’s social needs without the violence of a coercive state.

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