During the Libertarian National Convention at the end of May, delegates will be voting on the next National Chair. A poll has been created where NJLP members can vote on which candidate they support. In order to vote in the poll two conditions must be met:

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Candidates seeking the nomination include Ernest Hancock, Mark Hinkle, John MyersGeorge Phillies, and Wayne Allyn Root.

Ernest Hancock publishes Freedom's Phoenix. He is well known for developing the REVOLution logo adopted by the Ron Paul campaign for president. He was interviewed by Free Talk Live. Listen below.

Mark Hinkle is the only candidate who has experience serving on the LNC. Mark has served for 10 years on the LNC and has also served in a number of positions in the Libertarian Party of California. Recently Mark has received a number of notable endorsements.

John Myers was the latest candidate to announce his candidacy. He is also seeking a U.S. House seat in his state of Texas.

George Phillies has been active in the Libertarian Party of Massachusetts for many years. He sought the LP nomination for U. S. President in 2008.

Wayne Allyn Root was our candidate for Vice President of the United States in 2008. He continually gets lots of news coverage, appearing quite often on Fox News.