Longtime NJLP activist Ginny Flynn must go to Germany to get special medical treatment to try and save her life. She was diagnosed with a rare and lethal cancer Leiomyosarcoma in January 2010. Thanks to the federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and other medical restrictions she and her husband (currently dormant NJLP Newsletter Editor) Len have to travel to Prien Germany for the treatment.

The treating physician Rigdon Lentz, MD is an expatriate American doctor driven out of the USA and prosecuted and fined by FDA for botching the clinical paperwork requirements for his cancer treatment device. The “immunepheresis” device removes blockers that cancer cells have to hinder the body’s immune system (Tumor Necrosis Factor [TNF]). It is approved for sale in the European Union but not here in the USA.

Contemporary American sarcoma treatments lack any curative likelihood. Current chemotherapy and radiation options give at best a few months of tumor suppression not any remission of the disease. Of course, health insurance pays only for these deficient “approved” treatments and the more experimental yet promising techniques require private funding. One month of Dr. Lentz’s therapy costs 51,000 Euros and compares to USA chemotherapy (about $5,600 per day for drugs/doctor/lab etc. at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in Manhattan).

On Saturday, June 12 Ginny was admitted to Riverview Hospital with a hemorrhagic stroke. She is conscious and able to communicate, but her condition remains serious. The stroke likely arose from use of heparin begun 10 days earlier to combat a blood clot (“deep vein thrombosis” or DVT) found in her iliac vein. The DVT apparently arose from chemotherapy not the cancer.

Ginny was the Editor of the New Jersey Libertarian for a dozen years in the 80s and 90s plus she ran as a Libertarian candidate for U.S. Congress, Freeholder, and Governor (1985?). She attended several national LP conventions as a delegate from New Jersey along with her husband Len. She has been the school secretary for a private elementary school in Holmdel for many years. Lately she has enjoyed her two grandchildren Evie (3) and Tommy (6 months). Ginny and Len will have been married 43 years in August.

Ginny has helped her family & friends, the libertarian movement, and private education for most of her life. Now is the time for you to help her. Please monitor developments and plan to attend a testimonial dinner plus support a fund-raiser this summer to help her.

In Liberty,

Len Flynn
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