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The NJ Libertarian Party Remains Committed to Protecting the Natural Right to Self Defense

New Jersey – May 23, 2022:

On Saturday, May 14, 2022, the lives of ten innocent people were senselessly taken and we join the nation in mourning this unimaginable loss. In the wake of this tragedy, we must remain committed to protecting the natural rights of citizens to own firearms to protect themselves and their loved ones. In New York and New Jersey alike, police departments have significant discretion in denying people carry permits. Since, as the Supreme Court has ruled, police officers have no duty to protect citizens, innocent people are often left without any means to protect themselves against violent individuals. No one else should have to die before the state stops violating citizens’ natural rights to self-preservation by repealing gun laws.

Never missing the opportunity to use a tragedy to his benefit, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy called for passing additional gun control laws. Yet, gun control laws do not make New Jerseyans safer, but rather easier targets and victims. Gun control advocates simultaneously claim that (1) gun violence is a significant threat and (2) we should not allow citizens the right to own firearms to protect themselves. And still, the areas of this country with the strictest gun laws have significant gun violence, as innocent people are left disarmed and unable to defend themselves. The gun control advocates at Gifford’s Law Center rates California gun laws an A grade while failing New Hampshire. Yet, California and New Hampshire have similar firearm mortality rates.

Furthermore, we find it disingenuous for US politicians to advocate stripping Americans of their gun rights while simultaneously funding wars, authoritarian regimes and terrorist organizations. The Obama Administration sent weapons to ISIS in a failed regime change attempt. Obama, Trump, and Biden have all financed the Saudi genocide in Yemen. Just last week, Congress passed a bill to send $40 Billion of weapons to Ukraine, which included funding for the openly neo-nazi Azov Battalion. It’s hypocritical to fund arming anyone abroad while stripping our own citizens of their own ability to own firearms.

The stance of the Libertarian Party on gun control is simple: everyone possesses the natural right to self-preservation, which includes the right to bear arms.


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