In the year 2019 the worst economic collapse in history has rocked the United States and many questions have been left unanswered. Federal Reserve Investigator, Jay Nelson (De’Lon Grant), is assigned to a suspected arson case where a group of homes, owned by the Federal Reserve Bank, have been burned to the ground. His investigation soon leads him to a thriving, underground Rebel movement that is poised to destroy the Federal Reserve. Jay realizes there is much more to this arson case than meets the eye, and after being baited by the beautiful and vigilant Rebel leader, Zoe Taylor (Philana Mia), Jay begins to question his allegiance to the Fed. With an ageless, yet well-timed message against corruption, Silver Circle is a story that may feel a little too close for comfort.

We will be screening this movie at dusk during our picnic on July 13th. The picnic is a joint effort of the Campaign for Liberty and the New Jersey Libertarian Party. We start our meetings around noon with a picnic afterwards. There is a hot tub and plenty of room for camping out. See our meetup page for more details.

Wildwood DemonstrationNew fashion statements are often not accepted by the majority - including me. We have all seen the kid walking down the street with his pants down below his butt and his underwear showing. When the fashion started I would often remark to kids - "Your pants are falling down!" For some reason I was always ignored. Such differences in fashion sense are often accompanied by differences in generations, ethnicities, and musical tastes.

Last night, the Wildwood Board of Commissioners have decided to ban the wearing of baggy pants on the boardwalk. These three old white guys have made the first offense a fine of up to $100. A second offense carries a fine of $200. Community service can also be forced upon these dangerous criminals.

We have one additional speaker joining the already exciting lineup at our State Convention on March 12th. Chris Goldstein of the NJ Coalition for Medical Marijuana will now be speaking. In addition we have three vendors who are planning on being there:

  • Julian Heicklen will be selling his book The Non Trials.
  • DelValley Silver will have a table. I first met representatives from DelValley at the National LP convention in Atltanta. Based in Pennsylvania, DelValley Silver sells silver rounds that are an alternative to the rapidly declining U.S. dollar.
  • F. Paul Wilson will have books for sale. Mr. Wilson is also speaking.

Additional information, including convention registration information is available here.

Come devour Big Government!!


Hosted by NJLP Congressional Candidate Russ Conger

15 Conifer Court, Little Egg Harbor, NJ

Saturday, July 17th Noon (business meeting is at 1:00 PM)

Meet our Candidates!! Enjoy great food!!

Donation of at least $5 requested

Bring side dishes

Originally published in 1896 by Frank R. Stockton (1834 - 1902). This was in reference to an event that occurred on December 22nd, 1774 in Greenwich Township, Cumberland County NJ.

At the time when the American colonists began to be restless under the rule of Great Britain, the people of New Jersey showed as strong a desire for independence as those of any other Colony, and they were by no means backward in submitting to any privations which might be necessary in order to assert their principles. As has been said before, the people were prosperous, and accustomed to good living, and it was not likely that there was any part of America in which a cup of well-flavored tea was better appreciated than in New Jersey.

The New Jersey Libertarian Party will be exposing thousands of youth to the party and to the fight for liberty at the upcoming Warped Tour concerts in Camden (July 17th) and Oceanport (July 19th). Over 60 bands are scheduled to perform on each night. The lineup includes the punk band Anti-Flag who has several great libertarian songs including "Free Nation?," "This Machine Kills Fascists," "Welcome to 1984," "We Want to Be Free," and "You’ve Got To Die For The Government". Other scheduled bands that have freedom messages in their music include NOFX, Flogging Molly, and Bad Religion.

"Call it libertarian, cause we do as we please. Don't need fear, or force or farce to know morality, cuz morals aren't substance you can shove in someone's ear"

NOFX, The Plan,  included in 2001 LP News article "Top 25 Freedom Songs"

We have cancelled today's Town Hall Meeting with Jason Scheurer at the Long Hill Township Public Library.  We also thank Jason for appearing Saturday at the Morris County Public Library and spending a great deal of time at the Millington Town Fair in Morris County, which went very well.

The Morris County Libertarian Party will continue planning and holding events in Morris County, and we will announce those events at this website.

I would also like to thank Prof. Howard Kupferman for doing most of the work in organizing these events, and Lou Jasikoff for coordinating between the Morris County Libertarians and the Scheurer campaign.

We are holding several events in Morris County.  They are:

  • October 11:  Town Hall Meeting with Jason Scheurer, candidate for Senate, at the Morris County Public Library from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

  • October 12:  Millington Town Fair, Libertarian Booth with Jason Scheurer.  The Fair is from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.  We will confirm when Jason will be there.

  • October 13:  Town Hall Meeting with Jason Scheurer, candidate for Senate, at the Long Hill Township Public Library, beginning at 7 p.m.

If you have any questions about these events, or wish to be involved, please call me (908-453-2147 or 201-892-4316) or email me (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

Join us September 20th in South River, NJ for an Octoberfest party at the beautiful Polanca Park as we rally to support Jason Scheurer for U.S. Senate.

Food, beer, pig roast, music, and barbeque as we gather to have an old fashioned picnic, and organize our efforts to make sure our message and Jasons' get heard this election cycle.

Open to everyone, so please bring the family.  There is a great playground for the kids.

Starts at 11am and runs through the night.  Overnight camping available.

The South Jersey Libertarian Party will be meeting on the first Saturday, of every month, at a place to be determined at the previous meeting. The meeting place will rotate throughout the counties that the South Jersey Committee represents, providing a chance to attend and participate in the political discussion to as many people in our area as possible. All members of the National Libertarian Party or New Jersey Libertarian Party are aoutomatically voting members of this Committee. Citizens registered to vote as Libertarians, but are not dues paying LP, or NJLP members, will be allowed a voice and can present items for discussion, but do not automatically recieve the right to vote on decisions made. For more information contact either Joe Denise or Kevin Ferrizzi cell: (609) 980-8903; email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Evening with Bob Barr
Rally for Liberty
Join us August 18th
at the renowned
August Wilson Theatre
Located at 245 Broadway and West 52nd Street
New York City
Meet local candidates from the tri-state area
then join
Bob Barr
as he explains why your loss of privacy and the fight for Liberty are so important in the upcoming election
6pm Doors open
6pm-7pm Meet and greet
6pm-7:30pm Private audience with Bob Barr for VIP members.
7pm-8pm Local candidates talk headed by Jason Scheurer U.S. Senate candidate from New Jersey
8pm Bob Barr to address the audience
Cash bar throughout the night benefiting local candidates
If not now, when?!
Help make this a huge success and join us Monday night Aug 18 in Times Square!!
What a great opportunity to help kick off the campaigns of local candidates and then join the Barr rally in taking back America.
For more information contact
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. at (973) 752-9164 or (570) 945-5420
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. at (917) 453-1523
Learn more about the Bob Barr Campaign

I'd like to invite you to see IJ in action in a major New Jersey eminent domain case.  The case involves homeowners in Long Branch, NJ, who stand to lose their homes to a private developer seeking to build beachfront condos.  Because New Jersey continues to be one of the worst abusers of eminent domain, this case is being closely watched across the nation.

UPDATE: Read more about it in a Asbury Park Press article. Say a prayer tonight for these homeowners!

Information and On-line Registration Here

Full Convention Schedule & Mail in registration form here  

Note: The NJLP shall hold the general business meeting on Saturday morning. Attendance at the business meeting is free.  Also note the early bird price is extended to March 1st!

By Len Flynn, NJ Libertarian Editor

This article contains interviews with NJLP members who have visited New Hampshire, the home of the libertarian “Free State Project .” (FSP). The FSP encourages libertarians to emigrate and establish residence in NH with the goal to facilitate libertarian political action and reforms there–or at least by preventing or limiting socialist/statist developments. After all, what libertarian could argue with the state motto: “Live Free or Die”?

New Hampshire has two FSP annual events where visitors and residents can celebrate freedom. From January 3 to Sunday January 6 the 2008 NH Liberty Forum will be held in Nashua, NH. This event is immediately prior to the primary elections on January 8, and the final scheduled speaker is Presidential candidate Ron Paul. The 2008 Porcupine Freedom Festival PorcFest 2008 will take place on June 9 to June 15, 2008 at the Gunstock Mountain Resort in Guilford, NH.