I am a strong supporter of the Tea Party movement. I believe the movement is correct when it says that the federal deficit and the astronomical spending done by the government are both unsustainable. I agree with the movement when it calls for cutting government down to constitutional size. Where I part company with the Tea Party movement, is when the movement says that entitlement programs such as Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid should be left alone. Considering that these programs are facing financial difficulties and are unsustainable under their present forms, and the fact that these programs are 39% of the U.S. Budget, to not reform them and ignore the problems that these programs face would be wrong and dangerous to the fiscal health of this republic.

Cutting the deficit and cutting spending will require tough and painful choices. It will require the United States to make tough decisions to get back on the road to solvency. These decisions cannot be put off for another day or for another generation. To do that, would be nothing more than passing the buck and taking the easy way out. No man, woman and no politician likes to make tough choices, but if it is for the better, it must be done to ensure better futures.