For most people, the term "moderate" means someone who is "middle of the road," a "centrist" or a "pragmatic." It also is described a person who "avoids extremism" or "extremes." After doing research and after watching so-called "moderate" politicians and others in action, sort to speak, I come down to a conclusion that they stand for nothing at all. If they did, they would only stand for themselves and nothing else. I seen this when "moderate" politicians like Arlen Spector, Susan Collins and Olympia Snowne who voted for the $800 billion dollar "stimulis" plan in Congress. I saw it also when "moderate" Justices like Anthony Kennedy and Sandra Day O'Connor sided with the majority on the court in the Kelo decison as well as in the Campaign Finance Reform decision. They stand not for the plain words of the Constitution, nor good fiscal policy and when it comes to individual rights, they think that those can be "compromised" as well. They stand for statism.

When it comes to "extremism," I have come to the conclusion that "moderates" regard that as "one who stands for his or her principals." If that is the case, then there should be more extremists around. They would be blessed. They would stand more for freedom than a "moderate" would.

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