On March 19th, two Chicago Alderman (Anthony Beale in the 9th Ward and John Pope in the 10th) announced plans to propose an ordinance that would deputize private security officers working on the south side and elsewhere, to write summonses and tickets from speeding on down. This ordinance was inspired by an experiment that occurred in Marquette Park, Illinois where private property owners paid security to secure and police their areas. The experiment has proved to be successful.

The Chicago Fraternal Order Of Police is opposed to this measure. The FOP believes that this action, should it become law, would not deter the crime rate and, in the words of FOP vice president, Greg Bella, would "double the work for us." Meaning Police Officers. I happen to disagree.

Armed and educated with good training and skills to deal with the public and other scenarios, private security can become a great asset in combating crime and ensuring public safety. With security officers given the power to write tickets which obstruct the quality of life in a city, town, hamlet or other community, the police would be free to concentrate their efforts on combating crimes against persons or property, particularly violent crimes. Police resources would be better utilized for those purposes and not get distracted by other matters.

Finally, with townships and cities in New Jersey cutting back on police and other services here, this proposal would be cost effective and would save towns and cities much needed tax monies. Therefore, I believe it is worthy of consideration and thought.

What is your opinion?

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