Political Scientist, David Easton, developed a formula concerning politics and government. It was called the "Input/Output Model." The "input" came when people demanded something from the governmental system and the "output" came when people got what they wanted. If the people of a state or country demanded so-called "Universal Health Care," for example, they usually  got it. The same with other legislation designed to spend funds. The problem with this is that it evades very important questions It is here that that questions are never asked. People usually think it is "free" when the reality is that it is not. Someone pays for it.

Before one demands or passes legislation, we have to ask ourselves the following:

1. Is it Constitutional?

2. Is it discriminatory?

3. Does it hurt or help society and the people at large?

4. Is it expensive?

5. Can we afford it?

6. Who will pay for it?

7. Does it violate life and liberty?

When one answers those questions, life then becomes a little easier. They will also find that when someone demands a special project, government program or even an entitlement, the person footing the bill is usually the taxpayer. In New Jersey, to support its big state government, and the services it provides, New Jerseyans are milked by the government for excessive taxes, fees, compliance with regulations and more. All of this is unconstitutional. Is it any wonder why, according to a Geroge Mason University study, New Jersey is ranked 49th in both economic and personal freedom? It is the people of New Jersey that let this happen and it is the people of New Jersey that must have the courage to get up and say "Enough is Enough!"

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