Imagine, if you will, a single young lady with three children working a job making $12,000 to $18,000 annually. A woman that literally is struggling to make ends meet and provide food and shelter for her children. One day, she creates a product in her apartment and markets the product by creating a stand outside her home. People are in awe of it. Overnight, this product becomes a sensation and makes the young lady a millionaire. She enjoys the success she has achieved.

Then, she gets hit with a whammy. The government, and the Internal Revenue Service, states to her that now that she has "arrived," she now has to pay more in taxes and in other fees.

Unfair you say? It is. No question. Nevertheless, this is happening all the time in the United States. Our government, state and federal, is punishing achievement, on a massive scale through the income tax and through other vehicles of government. Politicians use code words like "tax the rich,"  "tax cuts for the rich," "tax fairness" and other language, to promote not only class envy, but to scapegoat those who have made a success of themselves. It is these tactics and these policies that hurt individuals and hurts the pursuit of the American Dream. So whenever you hear a politician use these code words, whenever you hear people say that "one has to pay his or her fair share" it is nothing more than a farce to promote division in our society. This has to stop.

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