When it comes to same-sex marriage, there is no question that this is, like the abortion issue, very controversial. On the one side, you have supporters that believe that if two people care and love each other, then they should be allowed to "tie the knot," even if they are of the same sex. The supporters also believe that the state should recognize these unions and that these unions should be entitled to the same benefits that married heterosexual couples are entitled to also.

On the other side, the opponents claim that same-sex marriages violates centuries of traditions. That it violates Judeo-Christian philosophy and that it opens up a slippery slope in terms of what will be allowed as marriage in the future. That the original meaning of marriage should stand.

Both in my estimation have valid points. Both can be reconciled. The way that it can be done is in the following: Get the state out of the marriage business altogether.

Both sides want the state to approve their points of view and both want the state to recognize and or not to recognize their views as law. The supporters of same-sex marriage want the state to approve and perform such unions, while the opponents believe that the state should not do so. By removing the government from this situation, and leaving it to the appropriate religious and spiritual authorities to perform and recognize such unions, I believe that civil strife can be avoided and peace can be declared. This in my opinion would be the true Libertarian position, and would be one that would please both sides of this emotional and controversial debate.

What say you?

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