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In my lifetime, in every presidential, senatorial and congressional contest that I have watched, there have been men and women that have promised that if elected, they would reduce or eliminate this nation’s debt. They would claim that they were deficit hawks. They would claim that they understood the threat the growing deficit represented to this nation. They claimed that this nation’s deficit was unsustainable. They claimed that they would “fix it” if they were put in office. When these men and women have been elected, however, they have done nothing. Nothing, but grow government and spend insanely like drug addicts and alcoholics.

With news yesterday that the national debt has grown to $12 Trillion, and

with more spending making its way into the light, the question becomes this: how is this nation going to pay it off? How can it? For answers, this nation has to turn back the clock back to a time when a politician succeeded in paying off this nation’s national debt. His name was Andrew “Old Hickory” Jackson. Here is how he did it: He eliminated the United States Central Bank. At the time the move was controversial and, by committing to such an action, Jackson made enemies in the nation’s capital. When he succeeded, he paid down the debt with the proceeds he received from the elimination of the bank. No president, no senator or congressperson has ever repeated such a feat. The reason this is so is because politicians are obsessed with greed and power. What better way to maintain it all than raiding this nation’s treasury.

By reducing government, eliminating unconstitutional agencies, departments, bureaucracies, programs, regulations and other involvements is the only way-the only way-that this nation can reduce and eliminate this nation’s deficit. There will be some that will claim that this should be done, step by step or one by one. To that I say that it cannot. A scalpel will not do here. What are needed are a sword and a machete.’ By going all out, we can return this nation back to fiscal solvency and bring back prosperity back to the United States of America.


National Debt Since 1940