There is no question that the American people are the most generous people on the face of the earth. Every year, Americans give big to charities and to people who are struggling to make ends meet here and around the globe. As an American, I am proud of this fact. However, there is a great difference when individual Americans donate their time, money and effort to assist those in need and when the government does it. Individual Americans give from the goodness of their hearts whereas government gives monies (taxpayer monies) to create dependency and prop up bad policies. This is especially true when it come to the subject of foreign aid.

The United States government gives billions of dollars a year to “assist” other nations meet their obligations. In 2004, the United States gave $2.7 million to Sweden to prop up their socialist economy as well as their extravagant welfare state. The Netherlands received $4.2 million for much the same reason. France received $7.8 million with Japan and Great Britain following behind at $4.0 to $4.2 million. All these nations, like the U.S., have astronomical debts and welfare states. Yet, these nations have not reformed themselves and continue taking from their citizens tax monies and continue to give poor services overall. The United States government believes that by giving these monies it is helping make good. Instead it is making situations and living conditions worse.

With our deficit at $12 trillion, and with the possibility of more spending coming down the pike, how can the U.S. continue the policy of foreign aid? In my humble opinion it cannot. It is better to end this policy of foreign aid and let the countries that receive it work out their problems and other difficulties for themselves.