The recent "Jobs Summit" called by President Barack Obama was nothing more than a photo opportunity. While he admitting that the job market looked bleak, and promising to put in place more spending to "get the economy back on track and to create new jobs," I felt that I was looking and listening to failure.

No government can bring about economic prosperity (Not even Franklin Roosevelt's New Deal could do that). The thing that government can do is simply get out of the way. This is something that those on the political left will not do. They still follow the Keynesian model which has proven not only to be futile, but has been proven to fail every time it has been tried (for a recent example, look at Japan).

If the Obama administration, not to mention the Democratic Party as a whole, were serious about economic growth and putting people back to work, as they claim, then they would do the following:

  1. Eliminate all regulations from businesses and the private sector.

  2. Eliminate all oppressive taxes particularly the federal income tax.

  3. Eliminate all corporate taxes (the U.S. has the highest corporate taxes in the west).

  4. Eliminate all licensing requirements for employment in specialized fields.

  5. Bring back on the job training.

  6. Eliminate all laws dealing with firing and hiring.

  7. Open up the United States for energy exploration, jobs can be created there.

  8. Reduce the influence of labor unions.

  9. Eliminate the National Labor Board, along with the Department of Labor.

  10. Allow for free and open trade.

But, Alas, Barack Obama and the Democratic Congress will not do that, for they are captives of what does not work. Obama's time in office will be a trying time for the United States; but, as always, Americans will survive.

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