May you all have a safe and joyous New Year and may you all find your true happiness. God Bless You All.

  1. I resolve to fight for the rights of Libertarians to get on the ballot.

  2. I resolve to get one or more Libertarians elected to political office.

  3. I resolve to preach the Gospel Of Liberty to all.

  4. I resolve to fight the good fight for liberty in the Garden State.

  5. I resolve to continue to write, speak and have our voices heard.

  6. I resolve to be allowed to present libertarian positions in the free market place of ideas.

  7. I resolve to contribute to the party in anyway possible.

  8. I resolve to be open minded, humble and willing to listen.

  9. I resolve to fight for the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

  10. I resolve to not allow fears, challenges or adversity to discourage members from fighting for the good.

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