“Do you know what is right for you?” One will get this question in his or her lifetime possibly about 50 to 60 times, in my estimation. The response, naturally, will be by an individual “Yes, I do.” When it comes to those who serve in government, in the press, in the universities and in business, however, their reply will always be “No you don’t.” Herein lays the problem.

In the United States, possibly unconscious to all, there is a battle that is going on. The battle is between the right of individual Americans to decide what is best for them, their families, their businesses, their livelihoods and more, and a small elite who believe that they have the right to plan and run your life better than you can. A majority of progressives, liberals, “moderates,” and even some conservatives, side with the elites, while others (i.e. classical liberals, traditional conservatives and independents) side with the individual. Recently, this was in full display to me when I was watching clips of journalists Andrea Mitchell of NBC News and Cokey Roberts of ABC News during the Health Care debate. Roberts was stating that though Americans opposed the Health Care Bill overwhelmingly, if passed, they will learn to “love it.” Andrea Mitchell was more direct when she stated on her MSNBC show that the “American people do not know what is good for them.” Sheer condescension, yet not surprising, considering that the press in this country always try to penetrate into the minds of Americans, on a daily basis, that they are “too stupid” and “too dumb” to understand their “wisdom.”

It is the arrogance of these elitists that should be verbally beaten down into humility. It is freedom that made the United States a beacon in the world and not elitists in Academia, Government, and Business or in the press. Once I use to think that being an elitist meant that you were educated and the biggest thing since sliced bread. Today, I believe  the opposite. Elitists live in a bubble and they are the dumbest and insecure of persons in the world.