During the 1980s, I remember a commercial for Honda Scooter Motorcycles. The commercial began with the showing of babies in a maternity ward with a female narrator stating the following: "We all start out the same," and then the camera would move to a picture of singer, Grace Jones  on the scooter with her stating, "but where we go from there, it is entirely up to you." When it comes to achieving the American Dream, everyone does start out the same as well. However, those who work hard, bust their humps and put in a great deal of time and effort are the ones that are most rewarded in obtaining a business, a good standard of living, a good home and a good and secure future for themselves and their families. They are rewarded for working hard, playing by the rules and achieving what most Americans would want for themselves.

Yesterday, in the state of Oregon, through referendum, the people of the state voted in favor of two plans to raise taxes on businesses and those who they deem are "wealthy" for the purposes of averting budget cuts which Oregon legislators stated would mean "larger classes in schools," and "less help for the poor." The measures were 66 and 67.

To me, this was class warfare at its worse and the people of Oregon approved it. What this vote stated was the following: The more you achieve in our state and in our society, the more we will punish you.

No one is more supportive of Direct Initiative and Referendum more than I. I continue to be a strong supporter despite the fact that at time the votes will go against what I support. The people of Oregon approved a policy of class envy and the punishment of success. They have to deal with the consequences now. I hope from this vote, and what will transpire in the future, lessons will be learned from it all. That process is well underway.