Over the years, I have heard many a politician give, what I considered, a good speech. Their delivery was always upfront and direct and the words that they spoke from their lips would be hypnotic and flowed like water into the ears of an audience very slowly, soothingly and comfortably. Their use of the English language would be captivating, articulate and prophetic. It would attract the imagination of the people. No doubt, the oratory skills of these politicians were very profound. It would be in my later years that I would learn to look behind it all. Behind the words, behind the language, behind the speeches, behind it all, and look for substance backed by action to seek out reality behind a mask.

The present occupant in the White House, no doubt, is a wonderful orator with good skills. When Barack Obama gives a speech, it almost sounds like music. His leadership as president, after one year, has been a literal disaster. The bailouts of companies and financial institutions, the growing of the government workforce, the trillions upon trillions added to the national debt, the out of control spending, as well as his attempt with the  help of his party in Congress to force a Health Care Bill that no American wants, has been reckless. Barack Obama continues to give speeches, nevertheless. He continues to do so, along with interviews, in the hopes of capturing the imagination of the public the same way as he captured it when he ran for office in 2008. As of this writing, the report is that it is not working.

There are those political speakers that will use words to hide power in the darkest corner of their minds. They will use words, language and speeches to manipulate the public to go along with them in their quest. The best public speakers are those who speak while standing on their principals and by what they believe is right and just. They are they ones who not only “talk the talk,” but “walk the walk” as well.

Those who use words and speeches to deceive, are sooner or later found out and it is upon that discovery that they not only find that the words ring hollow, but that the suit is also empty.

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