On Monday, February 14, the City of New York will be launching a new “Panel Management Program.” This program will work with medical practitioners in the city who use electronic heath records to find needy patients. Afterwards, an outreach specialist hired by the city will work with these medical practices and phone these patients for check ups. Once again, the Nanny State has reared its ugly head.

Under the leadership of Michael Bloomberg, the welfare state has grown on a massive scale. First, Bloomberg along with the city council ordered supermarkets to use plastic bags. He then declared war on restaurants that served food with trans and saturated fats. Afterwards, he declared war on smoking and increased taxes for cigarettes and other tobacco products. Now he is overreaching again.

The Welfare State retards personal liberty as well as personal responsibility for ones life and welfare. It is the opposite of freedom, and it is a behemoth that goes against American traditions and values. The welfare state is statism and it is an abomination.The sad part of it all is that there are more Michael Bloombergs out there that think they know better.