The Department of Homeland Security was created as a government institution to monitor and stop foreign and terrorist threats to the United States Homeland. However, particularly under President Barack Obama, the Department has been literally used as an instrument to label individuals and groups who disagree with his administration’s policies as “threats to the homeland.” This Department has labeled soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan as threats to national security, including gun owners and libertarian and conservative groups.

Recently, it was discovered by the press  that the Department had accessed anti-abortion and abortion-rights groups in the state of Wisconsin as possible threats (the Department later backed off). Looking at this all, I became thoroughly disgusted. I then remembered the words of the late Harry Browne when he wrote “A government program rarely works as intended.”

The United States has the Department of Defense as the institution to defend the United States against foreign and terrorist attacks as required by the constitution. Therefore, there was no need to bring about the Department of Homeland Security, but alas, the politicians in Washington stated that it was needed and so they brought it into fruition. After 10 years, it is my opinion, that the Department of Homeland Security has been a colossal failure as well as a colossal disaster. Because of this, I believe that this Department should be dismantled piece by piece.

This Department has been an abomination that, to me, is reminiscent of the Committee for State Security in the Old Soviet Union (The KGB). It is a Department that has no respect for people, it is a Department that has no respect for freedom, and it is a Department that has no respect for American citizens and its traditions.

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