Over a period of a few years, there have been individuals that have been claiming that the subject of Global Warming is real as well as a scientific fact. From individuals such as Robert Kennedy, Jr., Al Gore, Arianna Huffington, and others making this claim, they have all spoke in unison and stated that the debate was over and that no further discussion was necessary. Now, we find out that the science concerning this issue is faulty and that the debate is far from over. Nevertheless, the Global Warming alarmists, including the press, continue to peddle this belief that there is no need for further discussion or inquiry. One must ask "What is the reason for this?" The answer, to some, will be surprising.

There are some individuals and political advocacy groups that have used the Climate Change issue as a means for control. What these people want is government to force changes in lifestyles as well as changes in individual behavior when it comes to everyday living. They want to control what foods are available, what cars to drive and what individuals do. To sum it all up, they want control of American society. It is no wonder that I come to the belief that the environmental movement is now the home of many displaced communists and leftists.

From the climate gate scandal that recently showed faulty research on the subject, to the recent news that a main scientist examining climate change for the United Nations has resigned, it is clear that the Global Warming debate will have to start again at the beginning. As far as the Global Warming Alarmists in the press and in the political sphere are concerned, they, for now, have failed in their desire for total control. I hope it stays that way.