In 1995, Libertarian Presidential Candidate, Harry Browne wrote a book called Why Government Does Not Work. In it, he wrote his take on issues and offered his proposals on how to solve this nation's challenges. What caught my eye at the time was his proposal in reforming Health Care. I was thinking about his solutions recently when Barack Obama had his Health Care summit at the Blair House.

Here is what Harry Browne proposed back then:

  1. The Abolition of the Food and Drug Administration.

  2. Turning over Medicare over to private companies.

  3. The Abolition of Medicaid.

  4. Making all medical expenses deductible from taxable income.

  5. Get the state governments to stop imposing conditions on health insurance.

In my opinion, all these proposals by Browne were very worthy. I dissent, however, from his view on abolishing Medicaid. That program, like Medicare, should be given to private companies as well. Furthermore, I would also make available Medical Savings Accounts for all Americans, as well as eliminate all regulations regarding Health and Medicine. It is these regulations that are part of the reason why health care in the U.S. is expensive. By enacting these proposals into law, this would open up the health care industry to the free market and it would allow individuals to choose what is right for them. Freedom would then reign in the Health Care industry and liberty, in terms of allowing people to choose what is best, will prevail.

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