For many years, the United States has always involved itself in the affairs between Israel and the Palestinians. Both sides have literally been dragged to many a peace process by the U.S. only to see that peace has never materialized. Decades after decades, the Israelis have attempted to seek peace and have offered many proposals in that effort, only to see the Palestinians shoot them all down. Yet, time and time again, the United States continues to drag both sides, offering foreign aid to both, all for the purpose of getting an elusive peace plan to the satisfaction of all.

Albert Einstein defined insanity as the process of doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.  The fact that the United States has been involved itself in this affair, hoping to achieve some goal, has got to end. Therefore, when it comes to the Israeli and Palestinian conflict, the United States should remove itself from it all and let both sides handle the process for themselves. Furthermore, the United States should put an end to giving both sides foreign aid. By continuing this policy, it is making the U.S. seem like it's playing a game of chance, playing both sides to see who will win, so it can become the victor. It has to stop. Foreign Aid has propped up bad economic and social policies in Israel and it has not helped the Palestinians improve their lot whatsoever. The Palestinian people still live under oppression and poverty.

Finally, by taking this approach, at least here, the United States can return back to the foreign policy of Thomas Jefferson, which is the following: "Peace, Commerce and Honest Friendship with all Nations-Entangling Alliances with None."