In 1987, the U.S Senate Judiciary Committee was taking on the question of whether there should be a Balanced Budget Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.  Economist Milton Friedman was one of the men who testified on its behalf.  During a question and answer period with then-Senator Edward M. Kennedy, the discussion got a little heated. During this period, Milton Friedman said to the Senator "Socialism has not worked in a thousand years of recorded history, why don't you give it up, Senator Kennedy?" Kennedy got up from his chair and replied the following to Milton Friedman: "The reason socialism has failed for a thousand years is because they didn't have me running it." This exchange is recorded in the Congressional Record.

Kennedy was not the first far left politician that felt that way. There have been and still are others that believe that and they are in Congress, in the press and elsewhere in the world. They are of the belief that if they were in charge, they can make socialism and communism work for their respected countries and people.  All can benefit from it and reap its rewards. The great nirvana would come about. They are only deluding themselves.

Venezuela's Hugo Chavez is one the people who holds this belief and after a period of time in office, he has caused misery for the people he supposed to serve. Fidel Castro was another that held that belief and the people of Cuba are still suffering under his stewardship and that of his brother Raul. Senator Bernie Sanders, the socialist from Vermont believes that if socialist policies were adapted in the U.S. all would be well. The same with regards to members of Congress such as Maxine Waters (D-CA), Alan Grayson (D-FL), Jose Serrano (D-NY) as well  as others.

To these individuals, you can say time and time again that socialism has been a failure, yet they will continue to believe otherwise. This is because their egos cannot accept it and they believe that socialism, with its promise of government control of society, is very tempting, seductive, and, in their minds, fulfilling.   Socialism, no matter who is in charge will continue and will always fail for it fails to understand humanity and human nature. The only ideology that has been proven to work is freedom, liberty and capitalism.

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