On the Fox Nation blog, a question was asked about the Founding Fathers. The question went like this: "What would the Founding Fathers think of Independence in America Today?" In my humble estimation, they would be very disappointed and rightfully so.

If they were alive today, the Founding Fathers would be saddened that the U.S. Constitution and other founding documents are not taught in schools anymore. They would be disappointed that the federal government has grown tremendously in size and scope. They would be disappointed that the United States has a federal income tax. They would be disappointed that the U.S. has career politicians. They would even be more disappointed that true liberalism has been replaced with a cancer known as progressivism.

No doubt, the Founding Fathers would be disappointed by other things as well, but I believe that above all else what I mentioned would top their list.

While celebrating the Fourth of July was a good thing in terms of seeing fireworks and being at cookouts, it was also a reminder for me that that day was a call for renewing and restoring freedom once again.Piece by piece we are losing our liberties and we, libertarians and all people of good faith, need to gain them back. The Founding Fathers pledged their blood, their fortunes and their sacred honor to fight tyranny. We must do the same, but in a peaceful manner. If people of good faith can do that, we win. If we don’t, then more of our freedoms will be lost, and where once people sang “America, The Beautiful” will then stop and we will all be singing then “America, the Ugly.”