Some years ago, on the Sean Hannity radio show, Mr. Hannity was interviewing KABC Los Angeles libertarian talk show host Larry Elder. Mr. Hannity asked at the time why was it that Libertarians, when running for political office, only get 3% of the vote. Mr. Elder was quick in his reply “The reason is because people fear freedom.” I was taken aback by that statement, but now I fully accept it. Americans, sadly, do fear freedom and what it entails.

Freedom means success, and it can mean failure. Freedom means making decisions, which can include the wrong ones. Freedom means taking responsibility and owing up to family, friends and society at large. Freedom means facing reality and not trying to hide from it. Freedom means standing up and facing the consequences. Freedom means facing praise as well as scorn. Freedom means taking risks, big and small ones. Freedom means you own yourself, body and soul. Freedom also means taking and choosing a road upon which you want to travel.

People fear freedom because they want the easier, softer way. They fear freedom because it sometimes requires pain instead of pleasure. They fear freedom because at times it means struggle and stress. They even fear freedom because they want to “pass the buck.” That is why some Americans would like to surrender their freedoms and liberties to obtain security. To me, this is sad. Benjamin Franklin said it best when he said that those who give up their liberties for the sake of security deserve neither liberty nor security.

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