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Bristol, Middletown, and Falls police departments are going to institute check points to catch DUI drivers between now and 3/19. Now this may sound like a good idea at first but this is akin to random drug testing or random audits by the IRS. It is a very clear violation of our rights. A few months ago I saw Scotch Plains police officers establish a check point to check the inspection stickers on people's cars. The reason behind this? For money! They wanted to rack up the fines they were handing out to increase the amount of money that the municipality was bringing in.

Bridgewater, NJ is going to have to increase taxes due to the need to expand affordable housing based on state requirements. Here is a quote from a Star Ledger article that outlines the situation.

The rules require that for every four market-rate housing units, a town must provide one housing unit that is for low- or moderate-income individuals. Using a calculation that combines projected growth rates and other factors, Bridgewater owes about 1,000 more units in affordable housing under the rules, said officials in the sprawling township.

I think I am going to start a "Ridiculous Crime Of The Week" post since the state of NJ supplies me with enough of them. On Friday a man was arrested in Cranford for possessing a hypodermic needle. I wasn't even aware that this was illegal, I don't even know why this is illegal though I can imagine. My guess is that the government believes that anyone with a hypodermic needle is going to use it to administer illegal drugs to themselves or someone else. If this is true then my question is what happened to innocent until proven guilty? Is it right to arrest someone for something they might do illegally because I can't think of anything else you can do with a hypodermic needle which would be illegal.