John Paff

Lakewood pays $40,000 to settle excessive force suit against cop who was later arrestedPolice Accountability Project2014-07-08 17:57:14
Lavallette pays $75,000 to settle municipal judge's lawsuit against policePolice Accountability Project2014-07-08 17:53:51
"Brady letters" sought in OPRA lawsuitOpen Government Advocacy Project2014-06-20 23:32:07
Jackson pays $25,000 to settle claim that police beat husband and forced wife to use "recommended" bail bondsmanPolice Accountability Project2014-06-16 18:02:07
OPRA Lawsuit seeks video of Tuckerton police use of dog to attack womanOpen Government Advocacy Project2014-06-14 22:22:48
Ewing pays $155,000 to settle police excessive force suitPolice Accountability Project2014-06-12 18:23:41
Atlantic City pays $50,000 to settle police improper search lawsuitPolice Accountability Project2014-06-10 18:27:04
Should people who write to a judge to request leniency for a criminal defendant have their identities shielded from public view?Open Government Advocacy Project2014-06-05 22:13:34
Plainfield pays $25,000 to settle police excessive force suitPolice Accountability Project2014-06-03 18:28:52
Wildwood pays $75,000 to settle police intimidation and harassment suitPolice Accountability Project2014-05-30 18:30:24
Collingswood and Woodlynne pay $15,000 to settle police false arrest/excessive force suitPolice Accountability Project2014-05-23 18:34:05
Roselle Park pays $15,000 to settle case alleging a wrongfully issued parking ticketPolice Accountability Project2014-05-20 18:44:50
Hackensack pays $50,000 to settle Muslim father's claim that police beat him in front of family and called him a "f***ing terrorist." Police Accountability Project2014-05-10 18:41:23
Volunteer Fire Departments within Fire Districts are OPRA "public agencies."Open Government Advocacy Project2014-05-01 22:15:21
IA Complaint against Warren Township Police OfficerPolice Accountability Project2014-04-30 16:25:45
John Paff
Chair, Open Government Advocacy Project