John Paff

Readington passes an invalid ordinancePreempted Ordinance Repeal Project2013-03-19 13:34:44
Internal Affairs Complaint - Neptune Township Over Strip SearchPolice Accountability Project2013-03-18 10:45:38
Internal Affairs Complaint against Howell Township (Monmouth County)Police Accountability Project2013-03-16 11:12:57
IA Complaint against Union City policePolice Accountability Project2013-03-13 11:08:29
IA Complaint against Stafford (Ocean County) police officerPolice Accountability Project2013-03-10 10:57:04
LFB dismisses ethics complaint against badge-flashing Voorhees Deputy MayorPolice Accountability Project2013-02-06 15:58:32
North Plainfield pays $5,000 in a Police Rights Violation CasePolice Accountability Project2013-01-11 08:58:07
Somers Point Enforcing Ordinance it Repealed Over 20 Years Ago Preempted Ordinance Repeal Project2012-12-28 21:02:37
20 years later: Still Unclear on Local Prosecutors' and PDs' Duty to File FinancialsOpen Government Advocacy Project2012-12-27 15:03:07
Neptune Township Dismisses Internal Affairs Complaint against OfficerPolice Accountability Project2012-12-12 15:27:09
The Port Authority is not subject to OPRAOpen Government Advocacy Project2012-10-04 10:16:07
A call from the New Jersey Attorney General's officePolice Accountability Project2012-08-08 17:40:47
State Supremes Rule on Sunshine ActOpen Government Advocacy Project2012-07-31 01:00:00
Englewood Cliffs school board settles OPMA suitOpen Government Advocacy Project2012-07-24 01:00:00
Appeals Court reverses Somerville Zoning Board's "misguided" denialLatest News2012-07-05 20:37:38
John Paff
Chair, Open Government Advocacy Project