John Paff

Gloucester Township Council suppressed citizen's speech, apparently based on its contentOpen Government Advocacy Project2015-08-08 10:49:00
Bergen County quietly pays $350,000 to settle police sergeant's whistle blower suitPolice Accountability Project2015-06-05 15:47:20
Deptford pays $35,000 to settle police false arrest suitPolice Accountability Project2015-06-04 16:46:52
Peapack Gladstone secretly pays $51,000 to settle police officer's whistle blower lawsuitPolice Accountability Project2015-06-02 16:51:55
Wildwood pays $29,000 to settle police excessive force suitPolice Accountability Project2015-06-01 16:42:01
Byram quietly pays $10,000 to settle police malicious prosecution suitPolice Accountability Project2015-05-21 17:23:00
Bridgeton still citing people under ordinance that was superseded in 2003Preempted Ordinance Repeal Project2015-04-23 16:54:37
Stafford Officer's report, written 9 months after arrest, justifies warrantless search of homePolice Accountability Project2015-04-20 14:09:46
Four more organizations seek to join my e-mail OPRA case against GallowayOpen Government Advocacy Project2015-03-05 10:06:45
Hainesport Mayor publicly chastises me for a comment I didn't makeOpen Government Advocacy Project2015-02-21 10:17:29
Former school principal interviewed by prosecutor about his "involvement with a minor" is receiving $7,800 gross monthly pension benefitsOpen Government Advocacy Project2015-02-11 16:01:17
Local Government Ethics Law complaint against Westampton Township Committeeman Robert MayburyOpen Government Advocacy Project2015-02-11 11:25:24
Stafford Police sergeant promotion exam challenged by two officersPolice Accountability Project2015-02-08 12:33:57
Lawsuit seeks details on school principal who unexpectedly resigned after being interviewed by prosecutorOpen Government Advocacy Project2015-02-02 11:34:06
Lawsuit seeks nature of “suspicious incident” that resulted in Bound Brook High School teacher's firingOpen Government Advocacy Project2015-01-30 11:48:00
John Paff
Chair, Open Government Advocacy Project